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Session Title: Chef on Arista

Convener: Peter Sprygada, Arista; James Casey, Opscode


Summary of discussions:

Presentation slides attached

Code Repository at

  • Overview of EOS architecture
  • Demo of how to install chef on a arista switch
    • How to change config on switch via Chef
    • automatically showing config changes via Ohai

Q: Why is Ohai data in node'sysdb' not in node'network'
A: Not quite the same feature set, supplies different values

Q: When the new API comes, will the code migrate to that?
A: Yep, better abstraction over the sysdb data

Q: what would people do with this in their deployments?
A: When provisioning, just plug in all the cables anywhere on the switch, use LLDP to find out what is plugged in, send that to chef and let chef reprogram switch and setup Vlans.

A: data center management - figure out which nodes are plugged into which port
A: Getting the config out of a flat file and into code

What will we do now? What needs to happen next?

  • People to look at the repo, see what works for them, give back patches
  • None