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Session Title:

Conveners: Gilles Devaux & Sean P. Kane

Joshua Timberman [Opscode]
Nathaniel Eliot
Sean Horn

Also see: Cookbook Workflow Sharing

Summary of discussions:

  • One cookbook == one SCM project (one cookbook per repo)
  • Less communication channels. One community => one place
  • Quality of shared cookbooks matters
    • What metrics?
    • Ticker graph for activity (downloads / version push)
    • SCM introspection seems problematic
  • Differentiate Library cookbooks vs. more specifics
    • Guidelines to create library cookbook
    • Noah suggested a way to use library cookbooks while still introducing specific customization (ability to substitute templates)

What will we do now? What needs to happen next?

  • (jtimberman) - Split opscode/cookbooks into separate repositories

Opscode Attendees

Barry Steinglass

Community Site Manager

Noah Kantrowitz

Full Time Web Dev

Joshua Timberman

Cookbook Dev

Community Site Should Provide:

  • Pointers to Chef Tools (plugins/external)
  • Pointers to Chef Repos (apt/yum)
  • List of People in Community (profiles)
    • An Opscode/Chef community directory would be great.
  • Pointers to Cookbooks/Code (also ticketing & collaboration)
  • Discussion (chef/cookbook ideas/collaboration and ticketing)
  • Official and Collaborative Documentation/Training (documentation/workflows/best practices/how-tos)

Recommended Tools

  • None